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Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description | Printable Job Application

Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description

Although have plenty of qualities in common, retail industries will have different essence in service and what to perform. Working in apparel retail industry especially as the sales associate of a clothing store, not only service but also the knowledge about men or women wears and sometime kids wear not to mention special events attires are must know things. Career in retail industry are same in technical basis but the subjects or duties to perform will be slightly different.

Welcoming the customers is the commonest task to deal with as a clothing store sales associate since they are the first people will be seek after by the customers in whom they will ask for any service related to what they are going to purchase. Greeting customers and inquiring them for what they want and help them suggesting, hanging clothes or trying the apparels. Knowledge about clothing line, brands and what β€˜it’ things at the current time must be owned by a sales associate. Sales associate must also be able to fulfill stated target, hence persuasive and suggestive marketing skills should also perform based on the protocols of customer service prevailed in the store. Because it deals with service and the customer satisfaction, interpersonal skill and outgoing personality are usually required by the recruiters. Below are the descriptions of the job must be performed as Clothing Store Sales Associate.

Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description

  • Greet buyers and ask their purpose of coming
  • Define style of buyers by evaluating the wears of the customers and offers consultation about style-conscious
  • Suggest customers about diverse available clothes and styles
  • Escort feasible accessories that may adjunct apparels that the buyers are going to buy
  • Suggest style that meet the budget and dress expectation of the customers
  • Suggest to customers about colors, sizes and styles
  • Escort clients in bringing selected to fitting rooms
  • Give clear input is requested in clear cut on wears that customers have fitted on
  • Inform customers with price and availability of products
  • Direct with storage spots to ensure all colors and sizes are availably and properly displayed
  • Maintain clean and fresh environment
  • Displaying items in systematic and accessible display to provide easy shopping ambient
  • Perform the floor conscious to prevent theft or loss
  • Guide buyers through the whole buying procedure and answer all questions
  • Inform customers with special offers and discounts
  • Help for payment transactions using credit card or cash

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