1 Cover Letter Template With A “Secret Seasoning” 99.9% Of Job Seekers NEVER Activate

There are many killer tactics you can use in order to get noticed among of other applicants. One of the simple ideas to execute is by adding a quote in your cover letter. A well thought quote is a secret seasoning that can make your application more shinning than others’.

Remember that you can’t just put any quote into the cover letter. You need to find the great one that is relevant to the job position and company. Take for example if you are going to apply for an account executive position at a food company. Here are the steps to include the quote:

  • Thank the manager in your cover letter for the chance to introduce yourself and your skills.
  • Talk about how you found the opening and all the good things you know about the company.
  • Go into why you think your skill set is a great fit for the job, and a few things about your experience.
  • Invite the hiring manager to look at your full resume for all the details.

Take a look at the following example:

Jason McDonald
847 Pleasant Place
Seetow, AL 48372
Home: (123) 098-3534
Cell: (534) 234-6578

September 04, 2014

Mrs. Eleanor Garrison
HR Manager
Barnes Foods, Inc.
1235 Harrison Way
Seetow, AL 48372

Dear Mrs. Garrison:

I decided to contact you immediately upon seeing the account executive job listing you posted in The Seetow News. I am very interested in filling the position since I have four years of experience as an account executive in the food industry. In my previous positions I worked closely with upper management to increase sales in different territories.

I’ve proved to be extremely reliable, and I am able to work well with various people and management styles. I also have been known to take initiative when problems arise.

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” (Napoleon Hill)

You can trust that I will live out the meaning behind this powerful quote. My last company, XYX, was struggling to find a way to sell more products in the North Eastern region. I helped in coming up with a plan to upsell our existing clients in the region, and we were able to increase sales revenue by 25%.

I’d love to meet with you to discuss this in more detail, along with other examples of my success as an account manager. Thank you for the opportunity to show you my various strengths. I hope you will consider how the skills in my resume, and the type of employee I have been can benefit you and the company at large.

I’d like to arrange an in-person meeting to further discuss the position, and how I can best fill it with my existing skills. Please call me at (123) 098-3534 to set up an interview.

Thank you again for reviewing my application package, and for your consideration.



Jason McDonald

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