10 Companies Hiring Now in the UK in 2013

Do you have a job? Are you still looking for one that meets your interest? To live the life, you need to own a steady income. You will use it to finance all your needs and plan for the future by savings. In order to get the wanted earning amount, you have to work. You need to find a suitable job that meets your preference and competence. Or at least, something you can do to get paid reasonably. This can be easy or even tough. The number of job vacancies is limited but there are always new applicants from many places and fields like graduates and veterans. It is the challenge. To get hired, you have to stand out among the crowd, be visible in front of the employers and convince them your eligibility to the wanted job.

There is simple pattern of vacancies opening to understand. Companies usually look for new staff or employees in the beginning of the year. Some may divide the hiring process every month or six months. It depends on their needs. In UK itself, before the recession, companies seem more confident to add new people to their business. According to the survey of Manpower employment outlook, the first quarter or three months of 2013, employers in United Kingdom would hit the market by offering positions to potential candidates. So, here are some companies that hiring in the first five-month of 2013 in UK:

In January, many business services firms seemed to offer chances to new people entering the competition.

  • UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.), the largest express carrier and package delivery company in the globe, was looking for multi-drop drivers, transport coordinators, business development managers and more for different areas in UK.
  • Johnson Controls, global diversified company in the building and automotive industries serving customers in over 150 countries, was looking for technicians, engineers, project managers and many more to work throughout the UK.

In February, employers were most likely to hire for positions that were closely tied to revenue and innovation like sales, admin and customer services.

  • The Travelers Companies Inc. (Travelers), a leading provider of property liability insurance for motor, home and business, was looking for actuaries, underwriters, technology engineers and more for locations in South East England and Greater London.
  • McAfee, a well-known provider of secure systems and networks from known and as yet undiscovered threats worldwide, was looking for sales and IT positions in the UK, Ireland and locations across the Europe.

In March, the continuing positive development was shown in UK labor market. Employers in private sectors got more optimistic.

  • Home Retail Group, the UK’s leading home and general merchandise retailer opened the vacancies at Argos and Home base in buying/merchandising, operations, supply chain or one of the many other departments.
  • Hertz, the world’s largest vehicle renting organization and operates approximately 8,100 locations in 147 countries worldwide, was looking for customer service representatives throughout Europe.

In April, hiring continues. Sectors like engineering and technology, social care and education, charity and voluntary were strong during the month.

  • Telefonica, a leading provider of mobile and broadband services to customers and businesses in the UK, was looking for agency store leaders and retail advisors in O2 stores across the country.
  • Nielsen, a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in the marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties, was looking for managers, consultants and more for their offices in Woking, London, Birmingham and Oxford.

In May, the rising demand for all eight types of permanent staff is monitored.

  • Electronic Arts Inc., a leading global interactive entertainment software company, offers the vacancies for their Criterion Games studio in Guildford, Surrey and also hires IT, marketing/PR, media and more professional and graduates.
  • Spire Healthcare, leading provider of private healthcare with 37 private hospitals across the UK, offers a broad range of career opportunities across different departments and locations available in the company.

Based on the list above, it can be seen that there are some popular career sectors in the UK. They include marketing, engineer, medical administrator customer service and information officer. Of course, you should apply for the jobs you are qualified. Take time to get more information about each of those companies. Read carefully the requirements asked by the employers. Some company may open the chance for fresh graduates but some will ask the experienced candidates. Make sure you have already known the profile of them. Your knowledge about them will show how big your interest is, to join with them. The chance to be received is wider if you are well prepared with the mastered knowledge and skills from your education background. It is much easier if you choose the job you like. It is the first thing needed to adapt the new working space. The taken training programs which are related to the job can also improve your visibility.

So, have you got the picture of the job you want to apply for? It is probably difficult to choose. The choices are many, but you have to remember that you also have competitors too. You can be highly confident with your competence. Even so, take a look around and realize there may be others who have more. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself well. It is started from knowing yourself and the employer. Then, you can write the application letter. Pay attention to the words selection and formatting. While waiting for the company call, you should take time practicing for the interview. It can be tough and may be the hardest part that will knock you down. Some questions asked are usually tricky especially the ones about your strengths and weaknesses. It is unwise to say that you have no weaknesses. It does not make sense. The main point to remember is to be honest. The interviewers will easily catch the lie. It will help if you also have references including former employees you know, teachers and other familiars with your work. Do not forget to dress well because first impression seen when you enter the interview room is valued and has a crucial impact to the total performance.

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