10 Tips to Have a Successful Job Interview

Job interview is an important part of job recruitment process and it often determines whether the applicants will be accepted or not. Besides, the decision is also influenced by attitude, behavior, and appearance. If the interviewee shows good attitude during the interview, the interviewers will appreciate it. The atmosphere of the interviewee will be enjoyable so the interviewee can talk communicatively. In order to have a lively interview process, of course the adequate knowledge about job the applicants apply is required. So, they can answer the questions delivered by the interviewers. So, how can we pass a job interview successfully? The following tips may be useful for job applicants to face job interview.

1. Confirm the date and location of the interview at least one day before. After you get the confirmation, you can prepare anything for the interview. For example, you can estimate how much time needed to get to the location from your home, how you go there, whether or not there is a possibility of traffic jam, etc.

2. Clothing manner is important. Wear formal office clothes. Make sure they are clean and neat. Good clothes will help set up confidence. During the interview, shake the interviewers’ hands firmly, maintain eye-contact, and smile sometimes.

3. Gather information about the interview. For example, find out whether the interview is panel interview of one-on-one interview. Do you need to bring examples of your work? If there is a written test, how is the form? Also, you need to find out information about the company and the job you apply. You may get the information from promotional brochure/booklet or it will be much better if you ask directly some people who already work for the company.

4. Get familiar with typical job interview questions. Commonly the questions include some categories like personal information, employment history, experiences and special skills, etc. Interviewers will try to examine your personality from questions like; why did you leave your previous jobs? What do you know about this company and are you sure that you meet the requirements for the position you apply? To be able to answer these questions appropriately, you can discuss with your friends.

5. Don’t get nervous. Convince yourself that you can pass the interview well. An interviewer may interview many applicants every day. He or she will just remember the ones that stand out and can deliver their opinions in an interesting way. Therefore, it is better for you to spend enough time for making list of your strengths, skills, and achievement. This will be helpful to make you more ready when presenting yourself in your future employer.

6. Interviewers may ask much more questions than you predict. Make sure your answers are flexible can be developed.

7. Practice before the interview. You can practice in front of mirror.

8. If you are given a chance to ask questions, ask only important things. Do not ask a lot of questions. Usually the interviewer will give you an opportunity to ask question at the end of the interview.

9. Bring a small note. Don’t be reluctant to write down some important information that you get from the interviewers. This makes you look professional. Moreover, the note may be useful later on.

10. Make effort to follow-up the interview after it is done. When you are leaving the room, do not forget to smile and maintain eye contact. If you are interested with the job you apply, send a letter that shows your interest within 24 hours. A follow-up letter can be a plus point because the interviewers can see your interest and seriousness from this letter.

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