16 Year Old Cover Letter Example

Are you 16 years old boy or girl who wants to apply a new job? Maybe it seems impossible for you to get a job at that age. You may take any consideration for it. First of all, you are fresh graduate of a high school. Then, you don’t have any experience yet in a job or never make the cover letter to apply a job before. Those cases always come to your mind.

Well, actually there are so many chances for you to get a new job. If you want to know about that, you can keep reading on this article. Here is the discussion about 16 year old cover letter example. Check about it below!

School fresh graduate will be searched the most by hiring manager. Besides you will be considered for having much spirit, your skill also can be increased 100% by the company. So, you don’t have to be worried for making your resume.

You can also explore yourself in a resume. You can explain about your organization experience at school. For example, you were the basket ball team leader with good team work. That experience can be the additional point for you. Well, for making the resume, here is the 16 year old cover letter example.

March, 23 2015

David Rodger
Manager Human Resource
Green Super Market
Jasmine Street
New York, 1234

Dear, Mr. Rodger

I saw your advertisement in the super market when I came there. It is about sales person recruitment that will be placed at Green super market. Then, I would offer myself to take its position. I have passed my last exams at school and it will be announced next month in this year.

At my school, I have taken the sales management subject that took me for having the internship experience at Giant store for three months. There, I have explored about retail world with some professional partner. I got many practices about customer service, cashiering service, and retail management. Its experience makes me loving retail world so much. I also want to explore more about my skill at sales management world.

Actually, I have planned to take my bachelor degree career after taking school graduation. But, after considering anything, I would like to enter business world and continue my retail management skill. I’m sure with my background experience in sales management. It can be the positive look on me to reach the available position at your market.

Well, I can be able to have a meeting with you as soon as you decide to discuss about the next progress of my resume. Here is my phone number (777) 77777. This is also my email rose_maria@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your best consideration. I look forward to hear from you soon.


Maria Rose

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