6 Deadly Mistakes People Make in Job Interview

Interesting CV is not the only consideration for the employer to hire you. Job interview is also important. If you are invited for a job interview, you should do your best. Try not to make any mistakes that you may not realize.

What makes you fail in job interview? The following are common mistakes that often happen in job interview.

1. Wear wrong outfits

When you enter the interview room for the first time, the interviewers will get information from the way you look. No matter how smart you are and how many skills you have, the way you look is the main point that can create a first impression.

Therefore, wear the best outfit that is appropriate for office environment. Wearing a shirt in neutral color, black pencil skirt, and pumps heels is the best way to look professional.

2. Talking too much about salary

The most common mistake that happen is that applicants cannot express what they expect related to their career in the company. Instead of focusing on skills and responsibility that should be carried out, they directly talk about salary. This is not good when you talk too much about salary.

3. Arrogance

Many applicants think that recruitment team is not important because they want to meet the supervisor or manager of the company. For your information, recruitment team has a duty to interview the applicants before they are interviewed by the manager. If you look down of them, perhaps you will lose a chance to meet the manager for the second interview.

4. Clichéd thinking

If you memorize possible answers by heart, your chance to be accepted becomes smaller because by memorizing by heart, you will deliver your answer like when you deliver a speech. Of course it sounds boring. You can think about the answers at home but you do not it to memorize them by heart. The interviewers may pose different answer. Make a quick and critical answer.

5. Lack of confidence

No company seeks for shy people who don’t have an ambition. Show your confidence in answering each question. If the interviewer ask about your working e experience in previous workplace, try not to use pronoun ‘we’. Focus on personal achievement that you have made.

6. Having inadequate information on the job you apply

The last thing you need to know is to make sure that you know the history of the company and how it runs the business. You will look silly if you do not know how long the company has been in the industry, what kind of business it runs, who the competitors are, etc.

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