AC Technician Cover Letter Sample

Creating letter for applying job becomes one important point, first impression takes companies’ attention whether they want to hire you or not. The letter, then, is as main way to present yourself. The letter is you. The diction that you choose, how you open the letter and give greeting to the head of the company, how you present yourself through the cover letter, then, pictures who you are. Some internet sites give you facility to make your own cover letter easily. They have provided the template, you are just asked to information. There are some important points that you have to include in your letter. This may become the standard of cover letter.


This greeting or salutation is something that you must place to your cover letter. The salutation is for someone that will read your letter. Make sure that you know exactly the name. It will be better if you know the full name and the title she or he has. Do not mistaken with the name, whether it is a Mr. or Ms. Sometimes you find one a unisex name.

Your Personal Info

Do not forget to put your name, address, phone number clearly at the top of the cover letter. Put also your email address. Put the one that is accessible.


The impression that the company gets are from the first paragraph that you write. If they find it is interesting, then, the will continue to read.


Ask your friend to read your cover letter, and ask them to check it out whether there are grammar mistakes or mistyping.

Below is one of examples of AC technician cover letter.

AC Technician Cover Letter Sample

Robert Frost

140 Diamond Ave. California 54213. (831) 786-8954.

29 February 2012

Mr. Joe Human
Simbadda Company
HR Manager
230 1st Avenue
California 54213

Dear Mr. Human,

Job advertisement that your company put at draw may attention. My experience and background of working make me to write this letter to respond the vacancy on AC Technician. In 5 years, I work starting from pre installation job until the maintenance of air conditioner. My job experience description has cited in the resume that I enclose.

I will greatly appreciate any given opportunity to proceed to the next step on being an AC Technician in your company. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me to (831) 786-8954 or by email. Thank you very much for your attention.

Thank you for your time


Robert Frost

Encl. Resume

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