AC Technician Resume Sample

AC Technician resumes talks so much in application letter. It has to be the one that record your whole work. On resume, you need to place your educational background, your work experience that has relation to the job that you apply. Putting your skill and organizational experience might be important as well. You have to know what kind of job that you apply, so that the cover resume that you write is suiting with what kind of specification and skills the company needed. Do not too much give unnecessary information on your resume; choose the one that suits with their requirements, though you have many skills and experience. It is not only the letter, the resume will be the consideration whether the company will call you or not.

There are some important things that you have to put. The first one, do not forget to put your objective of your career and references that you have about your cover resume. The second one only put experience and description that is needed by the work you apply. This AC technician cover resume may help you to make your own resume. Be faithful with the format of writing that you make.

AC Technician Cover Resume Sample

Robert Frost

140 Diamond Ave. California 54213. (831) 786-8954.


Having experience in Air Conditioner Techniques for more than 5 years. Working both in houses and school and office building. Safety priority for working. Good at diagnosing problem on installation and maintenance. My objective of career is to be a professional technician that is able to create installation that is economical


  • Experience in working and installing AC in many companies, are familiar with small and big companies
  • Able to work in team and independent
  • Being familiar with tools and prior safety while working
  • Using blueprint to analyze building and count AC installation



Star Company

2005 -2010

Working as AC technician in school buildings and Business Company. Doing analysis of the building of the companies, using blueprints. Counting kind of air conditioner is needed and the cost for its electricity. Drawing the location of the AC installation. Doing installation process. Doing AC maintenance and its troubleshooting.

Harper and Collins Company


Become assistance of AC technician in pre installation, its installation, and its maintenance. Giving fast response of calling.



Graduated from National Technology University on 2002 from Faculty of Air Conditioner Engineering



  • Able to operate graphic design application
  • Fluent in French and English

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