Academic Resume Template

Do you interested with a position in a university such as university staff or the similar ones? If you do, you need to know how to make the good academic resume. In the education world, this capability is absolutely needed. Beside it, make sure to write the important points as well. One thing to note about writing an academic resume is about the length. Writing a document should not be several pages. In fact, the hiring administrator will only read a few paragraph to get the point. This is why you have to know the right academic resume template.

The purpose of the academic resume must be clear. The goal is to write the most important information on a single page. If you cannot do this, at least it must be 2 pages at the maximum. It helps the hiring administrator to see what you have and what you offer for the position. He/she can also see at a glance whether the person is ready to interview or not. Below, there is a simple academic resume template. You can use this style as the base style.

Michael Angelo
432 Peanut Way
Sandstone, QZ 987678
Home: (432) 432-432
Cell: (432) 321-7896

Professional Summary

Write about your professional summary here. If you are experienced as a professor of physic, write it complete with the name of the institution and the address as well. If you ever obtained any awards, you can also write it here. But make sure to write your skill, your experience and your achievements as short as possible.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

Write the detail career experience and accomplishments here. Use bullet to describe it and make it as short as possible. If you ever participated in the important programs, you can write it here as well. Writing the career experience and the accomplishment by this style, hiring administrator can get the points sooner too.

Education and Development

This is the section of education and development. Your education and the development programs that you ever got must be written here. Just write the name of the education and the year. There is no need to write it in the form of narrative.


On the last section, write any awards that you ever obtained before. As long as it relates to the profession, write it here. If you have several awards, just focus on the most valuable ones. This is useful to show your competence. More than it, it improves your value. It means, you have the better chance to get the job.

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