Acceptance Letter for a Job Offer

You must be very glad when you receive a phone call from a company offering a job that you have been wishing for. Although you may be not required to write the acceptance letter for a job offer, it is always a good idea to send a job acceptance letter for a formal acceptance towards the offer. The letter will also function as a medium to confirm the employment details clearly. Sometimes, a phone conversation is too short for confirming all details. Even if you have said yes for the offer, you may need more time to think about it. In a letter, you can formally confirm everything in details. There are many samples of job acceptance letter that you can be downloaded online. Some job offers may be sent to your home via post. To respond a job offer letter, it is a must for you to write back, telling the company that you accept the job offer.

The acceptance letter for a job letter does not need to be long. A brief letter is enough. But, make sure that in such brief letter some important elements are included. In the beginning of your letter of course you should deliver your gratitude to the company as it has given an opportunity that perhaps not many people are eligible for it. After you thank the company, tell that you accept the offer. It is also important to confirm salary, benefits, and other details that you think important. Do not be reluctant to confirm such employment terms and conditions. If these are not clearly discussed from the beginning, there may be a problem occurred later on. Use polite written language to talk about this. There are some samples that you can refer to. One more important thing that you should include in the letter is when you can start working. At the moment you receive a job offer, perhaps you are still working in your current job. Make sure the new company understands this. Therefore, starting date of employment is an important thing to be discussed in the acceptance letter.

Send the acceptance letter to the person who offers you the job. He or she may be the HRD staff, team recruitment member, or even the manager or director himself. Do not forget to write down your phone number and other contact information in the letter although the company may have had your contact information. Like when you write other formal letter, make sure your letter is free from grammatical errors or typos. In other words, the letter must be well written.

When writing an acceptance letter, you must do it very well. Although the company wants you because it offers you a job, still you need to show your professionalism through the letter you write. Different companies may give different responses. Some of them already attach a form to sign and send back. There might be no space to ask further details if the acceptance form is already provided. But you can always call the HRD for more information before you return the form.

Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter Print Out in PDF

Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter


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