According to your preference, how much salary is appropriate for this job?

If the question is asked in the early stages of the interview, you should not mention any numbers as well. For this kind of questions, you can answer:

  • I have not received detailed information regarding with this position so I have not been able to determine the rate for this position.

If the question is asked at the further interview stage, then do not give the answer above because it will give the impression that you do not understand or do not listen to what you have described about the duties and responsibilities for the position. To answer this question at this stage, you can ask questions about the equivalent position in the company (but do not ask about the salary). Here is an example of question that you can ask:

  • Is there a job in this company [or position] that is similar to this position?

If they answer this question by providing information about similar job/position, then you should continue to ask about the salary scale for the job/position. Note: Until this point, you should still avoid mentioning the amount of the salary.

  • Are there other considerations that determine different levels of salary for this position so the salary given is different?

If their answer is no degree/level to determine salaries, thus there is no salary difference. Then, you can still say that because you do not know in detail about the allowances and other compensation systems [bonuses, incentives, salary increase period, and so on] then you have not been able to give the exact amount of the salary for this position.

If you continue to be pursued to name a number, then you should give the salary scale. For example:

  • Between three to five million rupiah.

Once again, you should know how much the average salary for the position you are applying. There are times when we really do not get information about this, or it could also happen in which you get an interview call but the company offered another position that you did not know. For this case, try to be the first one asking about the salary but with extreme caution. If you can precede the interviewer asking this question, it is likely they will not ask you again (unless they forget!).

You have to be careful in asking such question, because if you ask this question hastily, it will give the impression that you are only thinking of/interested in money, so it might not be considered as viable candidate for consideration.

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