Account Executive Cover Letter Sample

Are you going to apply for a job as an account executive? The first thing you need to do is to find job openings offering an account executive position. There can be a lot of job vacancies in a daily newspaper or internet. Choose a company which you desire and look for an account executive cover letter sample to guide you make the application letter. When you want to write a cover letter of account executive position, you should write it appropriately. First, you need to write down your name and address correctly and completely. Later on the company will use this address to reply your letter. So, make sure you do not miss any information of your address to be written like number of house and post code. Below your address, you should also write down the date when you write the letter. Actually there are some different forms. Just choose one of them. Below the date, you should write the address of the company.

Before you start writing the first paragraph, make sure you write open salutation. There are many ways to write open salutation such as ‘Dear Ms/Mr. … (if you know the name of the contact person), Dear Madam/Sir, Dear Hiring Manager, etc. After that, you can start writing your paragraphs. The first paragraph is about the purpose of writing the letter. State that you are writing to apply for the position of account executive. Write how you know about the job opening, whether you know it from the company websites or from newspaper. Tell your experiences, skills, and knowledge generally. The details of them will be explained in the second paragraph. Make sure that what you write in the cover letter is in line with what is written in the resume you attached.

Meanwhile the last paragraph is about the expectation of the applicant. Here you should show your excitement toward the job and hope that you will be given an opportunity for a interview where you can let the company know further about your personality and what contribution that you can make for the company. Do not forget to say thank in the end of your letter. Also, write that you hope to hear from the company soon. End up your letter with closing salutation such as sincerely, with regards, and the like. Sign the letter and write down your name below your signature. Even if the letter is supposed to be sent by email, you should scan it first so you can put it in your letter.

When you write a cover letter, you should do it well. Before you send it, make sure there are no mistypes. Do not write a too long letter. Short but informative letter is much better. You may have ever heard sometimes a cover letter is not comprehensively read by the Human Resources. It might be true, but still some companies concern about the way the applicants write the letter. So, account executive cover letter sample is really helpful.

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Account Executive Cover Letter Sample

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