Account Executive Cover Letter

Account executive is one of highly required positions because account executives are needed in various industries and organizations. Marketing and advertising companies commonly need account executives to handle client servicing and client acquisition, while IT companies, they need account executives in contract execution.Nonetheless, big demand for account executive does not mean you can get the job easily. Since account executive position offers a nice income, many people want to get the job so the competition becomes so fierce between applicants. In order to make yourself stand out among others and attract the hiring manager, you must start it from a great cover letter.

Some people think a cover letter is only a piece of letter for formal look that no one will read it because the most important is the resume. If you think that way, you are almost losing the opportunity to get the job. With thousands applications to read, most hiring personnel do not have time to read all applications completely so they will start to screen the candidate from the cover letter because the cover letter will give a clue about applicant’s quality.

When you write an account executive cover letter, be sure that you use your ultimate writing skill and creativity to make it short yet informative and convincing. As mentioned before, the hiring personnel do not have much time to read applications. A very long letter will only make them throw it in the dustbin. You need to make sure that you put all information needed correctly. Only write something important and right to the point while maintaining manner in writing formal letter. Although you have so many skills, abilities, and experiences, do not mention all of them but take only several that you think the most important to make you the perfect candidate. Be sure you know what they need and show that you have what they need. Make them curious and let the resume tell everything about you.

Another important thing in account executive job is the high-stressed situations and possibility of long hours work. You can mention your ability to work under high-stressed situations and that you have prepared yourself to work for long hours. This will show your big understanding to the environment and that you are worth to be considered. Most employers love to have employees that understand the working environment well and that they have flexibility to extend the work hours if needed.

Below is the Example of Account Executive Cover Letter

Tash Richard
First St.
Austin 73301
Phone: 404.500.1233

September 5, 2013
Ms. Jade Connell
Hiring Manager
City Company
17th Street
Austin 73301

Dear Ms. Connell,

I am writing to apply for the account executive position at City Company as advertised at I believe that my qualifications and experiences would make me an ideal candidate for the position.

Five years of experience to work as account executive at two different companies and several trainings I have completed have given me extensive knowledge and improvement on my communication, negotiation, time management, and leadership skills. The experiences also gave me the ability to work under high-stressed situations.

I have enclosed my resume for review. I would be grateful if you give me sometime to speak with you.

Best Regards,
Tash Richard

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