Accounting Cover Letter Sample

Accounting is a part of financial working sector. It is always be in demand and where you can continue to grow and move up inside your company. Therefore, deciding to have accounting career is a smart decision. There are many positions to apply for with the main requirements of skills of solid math. However, the accounting job is a blend of analysis, problem solving and detective work. It means, you need to have the skill to communicate effectively and deal with people, not just numbers.

Accounting careers can range from entry level positions to executive level. Before applying, it is important to know the exact positions offered, what education you may need and the salary you can potentially earn. Some of the careers in accounting are including accountant, accountant assistant, accounting clerk, accounting manager and forensic accounting. When you are about to write the cover letter, take time to consider what the hiring managers are looking for from the candidates. Be sure with the details information before you include your experience, skills and enthusiasm for this kind of work in the letter. You can write your own wording with the guide of the following sample:

Jack Job Seeker
908 Clark Street
Any Town, USA 11111
Home: (777) 777-7777
Cell: (222) 222-2222

September 6, 2014

Mr. Robert Goldman
Hiring Manager
Hilltop Accounting Services
456 Employment Drive
Big Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Goldman:

When I saw your post on for a managerial position in the accounting department of your firm, I knew I had to write to you immediately. I am in the market for a job in this field—in particular working as an accounting manager.

My resume points to five years as an accountant while living in Southern California right out of college. Working with budgets, numbers, spreadsheets, etc., has always been of interest to me. I know that I have found my career niche. I also have a talent for working with people. I have leadership skills as well as accounting expertise.

Now I am ready to manage others and would be especially happy to meet with you in person to discuss in detail what you are looking for in the person you hire and to hear what I would bring to your company if you decide I’m the one to fill this opening.

If you wish to get together, you can reach me at: 777-777-7777 days or evenings. Thank you so much for reading my cover letter and resume and for considering calling me in for an interview. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Jack Job Seeker

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