Actor Resume Template

Work in entertainment is great opportunity for you who are having desire in art and have potential talent in art. When you write resume for actor job post, you need to make a good written resume that added with portfolio. Makes the content from portfolio that not only general but varies, more creative you makes the portfolio your opportunity to get the job is larger to get the job. You can add a video performance from your last previous job, and list for acting experiences that you have been work before and give them reference from your last work art.

As an actor, your professional acting agent might represent your resume. However, you can make your resume by yourself and list to door-to-door that make you able to express yourself as an actor that credible, have trained, and earn for the income that you have act before. When you are writing your actor resume, consider for job list requirement and then match with your old experience work and list your skills and detail information that you are match and find with the list of job requirement.

Kitty Madeline (in this part, write down your name and address)
765 geety avenue
Greenville, CA 8888
Home (6666) 67463
Cell: (6675875)7347 (in this part, write down your phone number and email, and ensure that this contact is able to contact and not changes again)

Professional summary

Actor with experience and training, has more than three years experience in commercial television show and able to move into television drama acting daytime. Look for new actor job opportunities that develop the career and grow the ability and skills in entertainment. Have special part that match with single professional feature.

Career experience and accomplishment (in this part, write down your job description when you are work in the past company)

Global entertainment, Inc. (2009-2012)

  • Playing part in house vacuum cleaning advertisement,
  • Played for drama commercial for one years
  • Voice of mama in any advertisement.

Education and development (write down your education in the past and any course you follow)

B.a in university of art, Ca (2000)

Art training in Pasadena (2006)


Pasadena playhouse: outstanding actor student of the year (2006)

Write down any experience that will make the hiring manager attracted and willing to call you in an interview. When you are applying for the job, do not forget to match your skills and the list requirement from the job that you are applying.

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