Adjunct Professor Cover Letter Sample

Do you want to apply adjunct professor position? Well, for applying job as adjunct professor, you need extra adjunct professor cover letter sample. Of course, you don’t need common resume but you have to make sure the reader about your ability without flowery language. Then, if you have good experience with managing student’s materials, it means you have big chance to be selected for its position.

Your previous experience as adjunct professor can shine your resume. It also can be additional point to attract the reader. Then, you can win and face all candidate competitors. Besides exploring your skill in the resume, you also have to know about the relevance information of its job vacancy. So, your explanation will be suitable with the required candidates.

Besides that, you also have to explain about your skill for managing subject materials and develop the curriculum. It will be the great impact of your cover letter. So, the reader will take best consideration because of your previous role with good and professional work.

So, if you want to know how to make its cover latter, you can keep reading here. This article will give you adjunct professor cover letter sample. You can take it as your best reference. Check it below!

March, 25 2015

Mr. William Smith
Recruitment Manager
Washington University
177 Bougainville
Washington DC 65

Dear Mr. Smith

I want to apply the available position of adjunct professor at Washington University. I read the job vacancy for its position at the university’s website. Actually, this university is also familiar for me. That’s why I also browse its website.

After reading the job description, I want to describe my skill related to managing subject materials. I have ability to manage and develop subject materials and curriculum. Then, I also have good discipline for following the college activities. Besides that, evaluating and increasing student’s assignment are also the additional point of my previous job.

I really love to spend my times for managing and helping the student’s task including for preparing and handling the subject materials. Not only managing the materials, I also have good achievement for teaching and mentoring the students.

If possible, I would be able to have a meeting with you for the next discussion of my resume. I’m able to be contacted through phone (777) 66666 and email at

Thanks for your attention and big consideration.


Marry William

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