After Interview Cover Letter

The first impression may lead you to the dream job. Unfortunately, it will not last for a long time. By the time, this impression will be gone and the chance to get hired might be disappear. Instead of focusing to yourself, you have to make the good last impression. It have to be made after interview. This is not always difficult to do. All you need is just knowing how to get the maximum attention by after interview cover letter.

Now, you know the importance of after interview cover letter. And next, you might be wondering about how to make it. You can take a moment after the interview and see what just happened. What you appreciate from the meeting? What you learn from it? Write it on your after interview cover letter so you will never be easily forgotten.

Say Thank You via Email, is it good?

Maybe it sounds good to say “thank you” via email. But instead using email, you can make it more private with a writing note. You can write it on a note or a card, make it wise and send it to the interviewer. It will give the good impression and says you are caring to the others.

Make the Last Longer and Solid Impression

Making a solid impression will lead you to dream job. This is true and must be made as soon as possible. Just make sure to write and mail thank you note to the interviewer no more than 24 hours after the interview. Sooner is better. Beside it, the interviewer is still remembering your name. If you lose this moment, your “thank you” note will not be as impressive as before.

Include at least one impression, fact or observation while getting interview. Something that really special for the interviewer. But do not break his/her privacy and include it on the “thank you” note.

Send the Note to the Specific Name

People will easily pay attention when they receive a mail with their name addressed on it. It looks more private and personal. And when they open it, a personal “thank you” note will be a good surprise. If you have made the good first impression, this note will strengthen it. Your name and the meeting will be easily remembered by the interviewer. Considering about the number of the applicant, it will improve the chance to get hired. Beside it, people will prefer someone they know, don’t we?

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