Airport Customer Service Representative Resume

To write a resume that shows about a qualification of an airport CSR, the most qualifying factor is the consideration that must be followed. Focusing on the aspects related to the customer service and communication skill is the basic requirements that are looked for by the employer as an airport CSR. The resume summary needs to be convincing for the employers so they can see the intention to do for the progress of the company based on what you experienced before. Proactive manner, excellent skill in communication not to mention problem solver are the important abilities that must be owned and will be noticed. Below is a sample of an airport CSR resume.

Caleb F.

9023 S. Coffman Rd ● Casper, Wyoming 127xx ● (9xx) 999-99xx,


A highly motivated and supportive CSR with dedicated and helpful customer service representative with firsthand experience in the industry of airline. Have ability to individual work and use internal resources to guarantee customer satisfaction. Able to work independently and use. Trustworthy and reliable, with a special skill in maintaining high content work.


  • Useful flight management and protocols knowledge purposed at offering precise knowledge.
  • Intensive proficiency of modern procedures of ticketing and reservation booking.
  • Great understanding in airline-related software.
  • Have ability about cargo specialize on suspicious load identification and screen.
  • Have talent to providing client admission to flyers through personal contact.


  • Ticketing and reservation protocol systems
  • Supporting equipment
  • Flight announcement
  • Check-in methods
  • Boarding and dismount
  • Agent managing
  • Safety provision
  • Customer service
  • Ground safety
  • Supportive attitude
  • Communication


  • Suggested corrective standard to manage complaints which decreased complaints by 44 percent.
  • Prevailed in projects with airport-agent liaison, started to empower the relationship among agents to improve customer services.
  • Integrated and managed queues of boarding passenger by applying special ticket stubs
  • Made known a screening system for a complex baggage that boost accuracy up to 50%


Airport CSR
USA Airlines, Casper, Wyoming June 2010 to present

  • Welcome passengers and inquire their purpose of flight at service counter
  • Provide information about ticketing, reservations and seat availability to passengers
  • Inform flight schedules and baggage booking procedures to passengers
  • Operate in-house machinery and resources to maintain booked baggage
  • Inform ticket prices and charges for overweight luggage to passengers
  • Operate screening equipment to screen passenger’s luggage
  • Handle issues related to the passengers’ issues about seating or flight changes
  • Manage upgrade flight classes following additional bills or points of flyers

Ground Steward
International Airport of Middleton, Casper, Wyoming, January 2009 to May 2010

  • Helped passengers in reaching conveyor belts as related to their flights
  • Assisted passengers to find luggage and pulling bags from conveyor
  • Helped in tickets issuing and boarding passes printing
  • Do passengers and luggage security screening
  • Checked accuracy of tickets before allowing passengers to board
  • Helped the high-risk passengers entirely the ticket issuing and boarding procedure


Some School in Casper, Wyoming in 2008 for Diploma degree

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