Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake

Making mistakes at work can be a serious thing yet it sometimes cannot be avoided. Being in this situation might put you into a difficult situation. Of course it would affect your reputation and at the same time create a negative impression in front of your boss.

What if it happens? You need to fix it. Not only fix the error you have made, but also fix your reputation and relation your boss. In this situation, writing an apology letter might be the best solution. Apologizing through a letter would give you more time and space to think. So you can write the reason why you did the mistake in good words without being nervous. Tough it is a personal apology letter to boss for mistake, you should be careful in word choice. You are writing a letter in at work, so you have to stress your professionalism on your letter, such as this following example.

Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake Example

March 23, 2015

Mr. Andre Johnson
Purchasing Manager
Steven & Lido Advertising Company
325 Side Way
Central Town 5643

Dear Mr. Andre Johnson,

I truly apologize for loosing the purchasing notes from Japanese Stuffs and Properties Inc. yesterday. I understood that the mistake would cause you a serious problem in writing the annual purchasing report and lead you to be blamed for this.

I realize that the transaction with Japanese Stuffs and Properties cost a lot of financial transactions to Steven & Lido. At the moment the purchasing check was lost, I did not realize that somebody has replaced my luggage in the air port. I realized that the document is very important, especially at the time you are writing the annual purchasing report.

Due to the situation, I might have a solution. To make sure that purchasing management would write a good report, I would personally come to see Mrs. Takahashi, the sales manager of Japanese Stuffs and Properties Inc. to explain our situation and ask for a copy of their paycheck. In the min-time, you can put some notes that explain I lost the purchasing check in the annual report.

Realizing this is a serious mistake, I once again apologize. I would like to make a promise to not let such situation happen again in the future and to keep every document in careful attention.


June Colburn
Purchasing staff

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