Are you easily awakened by noise?

Think about this question logically. What is the relationship between the noise and work? Is this question is more directed to the point when you are taking a rest or sleeping? Then, what is the relationship with the job? Actually, this question is not funny. This question relates to your tendency of having depression. Therefore, people who are suffering from depression are usually awakened easily when heard a noise. People who suffer from depression are more easily distracted than ordinary people. People who suffer from depression also cannot work optimally. Try to imagine if you are a person who suffers from depression and works in a factory. How is your condition after hearing the sound of machines that sensitize the ears? Can you produce a good performance? Of course not. You definitely disturbed by this situation so you are not likely to produce optimal performance. The company also did not want to hire someone who is easily depressed because an employee candidate like this certainly cannot work under pressure. Meanwhile, the working conditions nowadays always put employees in a position filled with stress. The aim is that the employee can overcome the pressure rather than depressed by the circumstances.

So to answer this question, you can say: “Until this day I can sleep peacefully despite of the noise. Though sometimes it is disturbing, I choose to not respond it because I have to maintain my stamina and health to be able to work with a good shape.”

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