Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job?

This question is one of the decisive questions. If you give an answer that does not comply with the interviewer’s expectation, your name can be omitted from the candidates’ list. Several years ago, this question is easy to answer because there are many people who are looking for a permanent job, and only a few others want a temporary job because of their character or because of the job nature as it should be.

For instance, those who work as actors/actresses are working temporarily because they can go to the auditions if they are called. Other people who are looking for temporary jobs usually are in a temporary situation, such as students, which is in recess, a wife/husband who is waiting for the relocation of their spouse in another city, and many other examples.

However, times have changed. Now, there is a tendency to start working temporarily in order to do other things that they enjoy, either making money or not. There are also those who work on a temporary job is not because of they want it, but because they have not managed to get a permanent job or full-time.

If you want is a temporary job and say it to the interviewer, they might let you go because they are looking for people who can work for a long term. Otherwise, if they are looking for a temporary worker, and you say that you want a permanent job, the interviewer may be not so interested in you.

If you want a permanent job, you should say it by adding additional information, such as:

  • Despite the fact I wanted to work full-time [or permanently], I do not mind to work on a temporary job if it is the only vacancies existed today because I want to work in this company/organization.

The additional information on the sentence above is able to take the interviewer’s attention because it gives the impression that you are flexible and interested in the company/organization.

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job? | James | 4.5