Automotive Technician Interview Questions

The automotive technician has the responsibility to inspect, repair, and perform routine maintenance on automobiles and the other vehicles. There are only the strong candidates that will be analytical, detail oriented, and efficient. The interviewer will avoid the candidates who lack customer service and automotive repair skills.

In order to get accepted to be an automotive technician in a certain company, it is better for you to prepare many things. One of them is to learn about the automotive technician interview questions. For those who want to know about the automotive technician interview questions, here is the information for you.

The first one is the qualifications that you bring to the job. This one is the highlight of all your schooling and experience in the automotive world. When facing this kind of question, please allow the interview to know about any certificates that you have earned and any specific training that you have gone through. Aside from that, remember to highlight any automotive technician programs that you have completed and tell them about the hands-on experience, whether it was paid, part of the practicum, or simply something that you have been doing all your life.

The second one is how would you go about diagnosing the vehicle issue. Apparently, a lot of interviewers want you to walk them through the process so they can get the good idea of your experience, training, and decision making abilities. This one also can be a way in determining whether or not you are familiar with the diagnostic equipment. You have to be ready if they want you to physically demonstrate your actions. Some of them want to make sure that everything that you have said matches with your hands-on skills.

The third one is to tell the interview about your customer service skills and experience. Aside from the knowledge about the automotive technician, knowing how to deal with the customers is also important. Basically, you need to show them that you are able to relay that information to the customer. You have to be able to explain and answer all the questions in the terms of the layperson. In addition, it is also important for you to keep being professional when something bad happens.

The fourth one is the process that you take before turning the vehicle back over to the customer. By asking this kind of question, the interviewer is trying to assess whether or not you will uphold the reputation of the company and put the safety and satisfaction of the customer at the forefront. For your information, not all automotive technician jobs prioritize the customer satisfaction at the top of the list. In the answer to this kind of question, you have to explain that you understand the importance of road-testing the vehicles before handing it back over and that you understand how to clearly explain to the customer what the needs of the vehicle.

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