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As one of the best fast food franchisers all across the nation, A&W is always trying to please their customers by giving them the very best service. Thus, this classic and all-American restaurant only hires friendly and passionate employees to fulfill the aim of giving the very best service for the customers. There are over 1,200 A&W restaurants all over the nation and all of them are always looking for associates who can dedicate themselves to give the very best service for the customers. Below is more information about working at A&W.

1. Working at A&W Facts

To be able to work at A&W, you have to be at least 16 years old. There are many available positions at A&W and it starts from Team Member, Carhop, Cook, Cashier, Service Crew Member, Kitchen Helper, Food Counter Attendant, Assistant Manager, Food Service Supervisor, to General Manager. As for the restaurant’s hours of operation, it starts from Monday to Saturday at 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM and it is closed on Sunday. If you want to work here you can check the interview tips and take the printable application in the website.

2. A&W Job Opportunities

If a job seeker can show a commitment to grow with the company, he will receive higher hiring consideration. Job seekers with experience in customer service and food production are also more preferable. The jobs at A&W typically can be taken in part-time hours but of course full-time positions are more available. If you are looking for supervisory careers, they are all available in full-time hours. Working in this restaurant chain can help you develop your skills and you will finally move up or promoted into management roles one day.

3. A&W Pay Scales

Working at A&W can give you reasonable salary. Here are several examples: For a cashier, a cashier has to handle cash and all the payment process to complete the transactions. A cashier applicant needs to have a good computational skill and can handle the cash payment properly. The cashier’s earning is usually starting out from minimum wage. However, with along with the experience, a cashier can make up to $12.00 an hour. For a cook, a cook has to be able to prepare fresh meal, grilling burgers, and so on. A cook applicant needs to has proper cooking skill. A cook in A&W makes averagely $10.50 an hour.

4. Working at A&W Benefits

Beside of the competitive pay, A&W has many more job benefits such as flexible work schedules, friendly and fun working environment, life insurance policies, and full healthcare coverage.

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