Bank Teller Cover Letter Format

Bank might be one of the most popular financial institutions that you could find these days. Bank also came in quite large number as well. That’s why many people want to work in this financial institution. There are various positions that you could fill if you want to apply for a job in a bank. One of the most popular positions is as teller. If you want to apply for a job as a teller at a bank, you might need to learn about creating a good cover letter for this position. There are several essential aspects that you should notice so that you could get the best results from the cover letter that you’ve created.

If you want to write a cover letter for a job as a teller at the bank, you need to make sure that you focus on the details of any work experience that you’ve had which is related to various task such as handling money, cashier duties, customer service, and being a treasurer of a club. You need to be more specific with your background if you want to attract the hiring manager to choose you. You also need to make your cover letter professional and personal as well so that you could give the hiring manager the details that he or she need in order to be able to evaluate you as a candidate for the job.

Pay attention to the example of bank teller cover letter below to get better perspective.

Martha Jane
23 Rosebud Lane
Utah, USA 77777
Home: (555) 555-5555
Cell: (444) 444-4444

September 16, 2014

Mr. Andrew Stevenson
Hiring Manager
Alpine National Bank
200 Crop Street
Utah, USA 77777

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

I read your post about a job as bank teller at Alpine National Bank, which I found on I am looking for such position and I can use my five years’ experience as cashier at Paul’s Café where I handled cash on daily basis and always resigned the intake at each day’s end.

I have also been told that I have excellent skills in customer service. I also know that bank teller should be courteous, friendly, and professional which is the part of taking care of the customers.

If you want to meet me, I’d like to accommodate your schedule. Please contact me at my phone number weekdays or until 9:00 on the evenings.

Thank you sincerely for reading this cover letter and looking over my attached resume. I’d really want to fill this opening at your bank and I hope you will give the opportunity for me to prove my ability as an asset to your bank.


Martha Jane

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