Bank Teller Cover Letter with No Experience

bank tellerFor those who want to work in financial field but they do not have any experience, Bank teller would be your best option. Bank teller is an entry level, so the requirement is quite easy and simple. Mostly, the bank only requires a high school diploma for the candidate although some relevant educations will increase the value of the candidate. Some banks have company-based training school for the new employees while the others will use on-job-training. The training will cover all job descriptions of a bank teller such as dealing with cash deposit, cash withdrawal; receiving checks, and selling bank services. Some banks also include how to do the right salutation on the training.

Different bank has different employment system. Some of them require a cover letter while others require you to fill an application form. For banks which require a cover letter, you need to write your cover letter carefully because it will be the first step of screening process. A bad quality cover letter will end your dream to work for the bank because the hiring manager will not even read your resume.

To make a cover letter for bank teller position without experience is not easy because people commonly use their experience to catch attention of the hiring manager. Nevertheless, you should not give up since the possibility to be hired is always there as long as you meet the qualification. Therefore, you need to read the advertisement carefully to understand the qualification and make sure you meet it.

Similar to a common cover letter, you need to ensure that you write your name and personal information correctly, especially your contacts. Write contact names, positions, and address of the bank rightly. Then you should indicate the open position and from where you get the information.

In the cover letter, you need to emphasize your skills and ability and ensure the manager that you are qualified for the job position. However, you should not put too much information in the cover letter since the hiring manager will not read such a resume. The closing statement should be brief but it provides enough information.

Example of Bank Teller Cover Letter with No Experience

Gill Carly
100 West First St.
Auburn, ME 04211
Phone: 207.500.1233

September 5, 2013
Mr. Ronald Kite
Human Resources Manager
Bank of America
200 Some Street
Auburn, ME 04211

Dear Mr. Ronald,

I am Gill Carly and I write to inquire about openings at Bank of America for a Bank Teller position as advertised on newspaper in September 4, 2013. I am very interested in financial field and Bank Teller is a requisite position for me.

I recently graduated from Auburn University with Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in accounts and finance. I am confident that I would be a good asset for Bank of America since I have a good communication skill, great in math, and have skill in cash handling. I offer great enthusiasm and commitment to work hard and I will give in my best at work. I will keep on learning for something new and increase my abilities. I believe that working environment in the most established bank in USA will help me a lot develop my professional working skills.

I look forward the opportunity to meeting you where we can have future discussion. I can be reached at 207.500.1233.

Thank you for your time.
Gill Carly

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