Bartender Sample Resume

To be a bartender, several requirements must be owned by the job seekers and the boss will decide hiring or choosing other candidates will be determined by the resume the applicant provided. Skill is a must and supported with good personality and strong stamina to serve until the last guest finishes the drink.

ALERT: wrong choice of decision making about resume style can ruin the job search as bartender.

PROBLEM: from these following resume styles, which one will be chosen for the most possibility of an applicant to get hired to fill the bartender position?

  1. Chronological style

  2. Functional style

  3. Active style

As a hint, almost all job seekers use wrong choice about the style of resume. To bottom lined, the style of resume plays important role in order to make bigger chance to get hired and at the same time can eliminate other candidates that maybe are more experienced.

Bartender is highly searched, accordingly the applicant must master basic bartending techniques and remember the popular beverage before submit the application. Gather basic recipes for most favorite drinks. Bear in mind all requirements of the job in order you can perform your ability and qualification as number one bartender that surely can increase the positive image to the employer.

Rex S.

4305 Harrison Rd

Suntowne, New York 999xx

Home: (3xx) 333-3xxx

Cell: (3xx) 123-xxxx

Qualification Summary

Five years experiences as a bartender with bartending excellent skills. In current day, looking for a new position as bartender in the city or the neighborhood area. Have willingness to attract new guests and deal with them. Have done as bartender before and able to do again.

Work Experience and Related Achievements

From 2008 to 2013 in Beachside Steak & Ale

  • Bartending beginner for a year, have learned 200 recipes of drinks

  • Moved to expert bartender in 2009 and deal with that job recently

  • Brought in new beverages and made known the inner recipes to attract new guests

  • Maintained spreadsheet of restaurant for bar

Education and Progress

In 2007, attended Bartending School of O’Grady’s in Any City, USA


Bartenders of USA: Excellent New Bartender of the Year in 2008

Recently, the crowd of job seekers has enlarged therefore how to definitely stand out is very important to know. The correct decision of resume style usage plays important role in the chance that you will be hired by the bar owner. The resume will be the consideration and the reason why the bar owner must hire you rather than other bartenders even that is more experienced than you.

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