Basic Biodata Format for Students

Writing Biodata: Some Basic Knowledge you can learn

Understanding the entire application requirement becomes the most important thing to do, especially when you are applying for a new job. The case will be more difficult if you are fresh graduate who are seeking the way to build the future. There is nothing more stressful and frustrating than creating a biodata for a job application. It is because there are many different terminologies that you need to catch up. Those terminologies had different meanings each, and they are a bunch of technical things uses by every employer. Therefore, it would be nice for you to understand different terminologies and requirements that usually asked by every employer. You need to understand that each country has different requirements as well. You had better prepare some investigation and research before applying overseas.

If you are a fresh graduate, then biodata could be the most important form asked by the company of your choice. Let us take an example in Asian countries. A biodata regarded as a prominent form often used in every hiring process. A biodata is a one-page document carrying the basic information about you – as a job applicant. It is usually used by a student who want to apply part time job as well. The information available through that kind of document would be the individual’s education, personal data, character references, and employment history. If compared with CV, biodata has lesser details regarding basic information of job applicants. Most organizations and companies prefer CV than biodata, since the previous type covering more details about a job applicant. However, you should not put biodata under the radar, because it still relevant in the world of the job market. You can find some relevance of biodata by the way looking throughout Asian countries. On this continent, biodata becomes just as important as a CV or resume. In the Philippines, for example, biodata used mainly by those who want to apply for skill-intensive jobs, such as store helpers, simple house, construction jobs, and machine operators. Therefore, you need to understand the entire requirement asked by employers before you make a biodata.

In general, the biodata is an effective tool, though which a hiring manager might learn about one’s experiences and education in quicker way. Just when a hiring manager read a CV in his hand, he will quickly evaluate the biodata relevance to the specific requirement. By reading a short-biodata, a hiring manager can correlate the capability of a job applicant to the future job provided by his company. Just because the biodata is a short-length of documentation, it does not mean that you can simply make that one. The biodata is an art that hard to create. What considered to be the hardest thing to write? We agree it relates to how you are going to present the most impressive facts about yourself. That fact must give the whole picture about your ability and skill to the reader – in this case, the hiring manager. You can write it in one or two paragraphs. Write paragraph in the way that is succinct and to the point. Avoid using confusing sentence. Can you do that?

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