BB&T Job Application and Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a job that is relevant with your educational background in finance? You may be able to work at a bank. It is a great place to start a prospective career. Take for example Branch Banking & Trust or BB&T. It is a well known American Bank founded in 1872 and started with a name of the Branch and Hadley banking institution. The name was changed to Branch and Company, Bankers in 1887. In 1907, it got new name again, Branch Banking and Company, becoming the first bank in North Carolina to perform trust activities. It got BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) since 1913. They operate the banks in different locations and offer banking, lending, insurance, trust and wealth management services. They run over 1,800 banks in the nation. It is reported that they have assets over $165 billion with annual revenues averagely near $11 billion.

Do you want to apply for a position at BB&T? You should not hesitate if you have owned the relevant educational background. There is a variety of positions offered by this company. If you still feel unconfident, you may be able to apply for an entry level position. You can choose whether you want to work in part-time or full-time. To start the career, you can first work in customer service associate. It is where many professional employees begin their career. In the entry-level positions, your responsibilities will include assisting customers by phone, operating branch teller windows or completing other assigned tasks. If you feel confident with your capabilities, you have a chance to directly apply for a position as professional employee. It usually starts in management, financial planning, loan services or other financial institution divisions. The duties assigned will vary, however, depending on the job title, department of operations and branch locations. You are required to have collegiate degree and specialized certifications to be able to work at professional level. There are some comprehensive benefits offered by BB&T to its employees. They include compensated training, job schedule flexibility and industry-competitive pay rates. There are also some additions like health insurance, 401(k) plans, further employment perks and sick leave. You can obtain all those benefits only if you have been a part of the organization. Therefore, do not wait any longer to make a decision that you will apply for a position. You do not only need to follow your interest, but you must also consider your capabilities too.

Are you wondering how to apply a job at BB&T? You can go to the local branch close to your place and get as much as information about the available vacancies from the manager. If it does not help, you can check this bank official site. Applying for the job online is much simpler. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible. It is the required minimum of age to apply. If you have got the form to fill, pay attention to all required information you must submit. Make sure you do not leave any essential information. Check again the form before you submit it.

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