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logo-BJs-wholesale-clubBJ’s Wholesale is a warehouse club chain that works by membership application. The company operates on the area of East Coast and in the state of Ohio. The company is based in Westborough, Massachusetts, United States with 200 locations spread along the East Coast and in Ohio. BJ’s Wholesale is also included among 1000 largest public corporations in America.

General Information on Job Opportunities

In order to work in BJ’s Wholesale, applicants need to be at least 16 years old. Applicants need to possess the skills required in dealing with fast-paced and busy works. Workers are required to be discipline, enthusiastic, and skillful in math and communication. Workers also need to be aware that the working environment is highly competitive in terms of wage and duration. Applicants do not necessarily need to have prior working experience but for those who wish to apply for managerial positions, prior experience in retail industry is a must.

Information on Positions and Salary

There are several positions that applicants can fill according to each applicant’s curriculum vitae. The position of clerk, cashier, member services, and managers are available. A store clerk is responsible for the maintenance of store operation, including stock and shelves organization, maintaining cleanliness, assembling displays, serving the customers, and taking care of the in-store sales. Store clerks are also required to do some lifting work and therefore requires a fit physical health to carry out the physical duties. The salary starts from $10.00 per hour with some employee benefit and rewards.

Cashier is responsible for taking care of the sales and purchases as well as catering to the needs of the customer. Cashier is required to be able to stand for a long period behind the counter and serve the customer amiably. There is no experience required. Salary for cashiers start from a minimum wage of $10.00 per hour with some additional salary depending on the everday performance.

Member service is responsible for communicating with customers regarding BJ’s Wholesale products, services, and programs. Basically, member service is the sales representative of the company and therefore, should be skillful in communication skills and product reviews. Member service will receive a minimum wage of $12.00 per hour.

There are several managerial positions in BJ’s Wholesale depending on the departments’ available position. Duties include hiring and training new workers, running the store well, and making sure that customers are satisfied with the service of the workers. Other additional requirement would be an experience at least 1 year and good communication skills. The salary start from $9.00 per hour for department supervisors up to $100,000 for general managers.

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