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Booster Juice provides an opportunity for candidates who are seeking a job. This company will accept the candidates who have experience working in the fast food industry. The company will also receive a student or students who want to work part time and have high motivation and strong personality. You can fill in the job form by its official site. Booster Juice is a fruit that is high quality and has a mix of low-fat yogurt. It is also mixed with green tea and some fruits that provide energy in improving immune.

Job Positions and Salaries

Booster Juice offers you to work part-time and full-time. The company requires workers who have a good attitude towards customers and professional in their work. In addition, a 12 years old applicant will be given the opportunity to work in this company. With the occasion of this work, there are several job positions offered.

The first is the cashier. Its desk job is to manage finance and ensuring customer satisfaction. In the interview and screening candidates for employment will be made by the manager. Here, the cashier will prepare and make smoothie to customers and will get a salary of approximately $ 12.00 per hour.

Otherwise, it is a food counter attendant. Here the officer will deal directly with customers to make preparations and make smoothie or food. In addition it must maintain food hygiene. Applicants who have a friendly attitude and a good personality will be considered at the time of the interview. In this position will be given the same salary as cashier, which is $ 12.00 per hour.

For applicants who are lucky to be given a job in the management position. In this position, a manager must be able to organize the administration, hiring and training new employees. In addition, a manager must also be able to set the salaries of employees, organize work schedules, ensuring customer satisfaction and able to communicate well. For applicants who have strong leadership attitude, good verbal communication, and good skills within the organization will accept a job as a manager for Booster Juice with a salary between $ 32,000 up to $ 40,000 per year.

Benefits at Booster Juice

Employees who have the opportunity to work at Booster Juice will receive training, uniform, competitive salary, and a flexible work schedule. In addition, the company will also provide discounts at some companies that cooperate with Booster Juice and has an attractive working environment. For employees who have a good quality of work, they will be given health insurance and given financial assistance including retirement salary and annual bonus.

Minimum age to work at Booster Juice: 14

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