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logo-boscov'sA department store runs mainly in the middle area of Atlantic region. It is one among several others as the last family-propriety business chain in retail industry in U.S. frequently conducts hiring process to support the business chain operation by looking for qualified candidates for part time or full time positions.

On the Job at Boscov’s

Minimum employed age: 16 years old

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday at 10:00am-9:00pm; on Sunday at 11:00am-6:00pm

Applicable positions: Sales Assistant for various products, Clerical positions, Supervisory and Administrative Duties and managerial positions

Job Opening

Minimum employed age is 16 years old for entry level position applicants, 18 years old for upper level position applicants. Understand and have knowledge about retail industry is preferred especially for supervisory and managerial roles. Industrious and positive personalities prove valuable with good skills in interaction and customer concern.

Positions and Pay Scale Info

  • Sales Assistant: entry level work with assignments to making sales, employs persuasive selling and customer service with accuracy and efficiency in handling transactions. Social, suggestive selling and marketing abilities is valuable in candidacy. Start with minimum salary in initial working time and increase to $11.00

  • Loss Prevention Agent has duties to prevent theft and any unknown product loss. Performing routine audits and inspections and supervise the opening and closing. Preferred candidate must own excellent skills in communication and able to perform calm and behave manner. Candidate with previous experience in similar roles such as security or law enforcement will be more noticed. This part time job makes around $10.00 per hour.

  • Coordinator will fall under title, supervisor and manager with duties to supervise overall store operation in daily basis. Supervisor will be more involved in activity in store field whereas manager tends to be more handle the administrative tasks. Starts with $25.000 annually the increase with experience can make $75.000.

Job Benefits

Employment benefits to receive by workers are generally such as comparable pay scale, paid education program and schedule preferences. Qualified workers will be eligible to receive more benefits in package such as life insurance, healthcare coverage, 401(k) sign-off plans. Associates with full time jobs can enjoy paid off duty and vacation, and sick leaves besides possibilities to career development.

More Info about This Retail Chain

Under the family ownership founded 1911, this retailer sells various products of daily needs. To get involve in modern shopping, online purchase is the new option by this retailer. Boscov’s conducts annual program to fundraising event called Friends Helping Friends by providing discount shopping for $5.00.

Printable Application: Visit official site.

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