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Bowring, department store chains offers great and attractive opportunities for all people who are looking for part time position and also full time job. It is great opportunity and you who like to work at Bowring need to have customer service skill and social skill. Bowring offers opportunity not only for experienced individuals but for all people even for first time job seekers too. What you need to do is just getting the application form, complete the application form, and always update the hiring status at Bowring website.

Requirements for Bowring’s Applicants

Before you apply one of some positions that offered by Bowring store, it is better for all of you to check what you must have. There are some requirements that you must pass to apply and to be accepted as Bowring’s workers. There are some general requirements and specific requirements that you must know. General requirement is that you must be 16 years old or more for entry level position and part time hours. How about the specific requirements, job desks and also salary information for applicants, you can check based on position that you want to apply below:

  • Night Crew. You who apply this position will have less interaction with customer and you will work after hours. People who like to apply this position must have strong body because they must lift at least 35 pounds. You will be paid $10.00 up to $12.00 per hour for this position.
  • Sales Clerk. This position job desk is to keep store safe and also clean for all customers. There are some other jobs such as receive the shipments, rearrange display, restock the merchandises and some other things. You will work in daytime and evening hours. You will earn start from $9 up to $11 per hour.
  • Retail Management. All applicants for this job need to have ability in decide certain thing or as decision maker. You will have job to prepare store for sale, set the schedule, and also conduct job interviews for all applicants too. You will earn $40,000 up to $50,000 per year.

How to Apply Position

For all of you who think that you are one and best candidate to fulfill one of positions above, you need to know how to apply the job. You can apply in some ways below.

First you can apply directly at the retail store. What you need to do is just visit Bowring store near your home and then get the application form.

Second, you can come apply job by sending email to for retail management and sales clerk position.

You will be contacted to do interview when your application is received and fulfilled the requirements.

Minimum age to work at Bowring: 16

Official Site:

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