Box Office Attendant Job Description

Box office aide or attendant is a profession that falls underneath cashier category with more specific areas of workplace such as at concert halls, cinemas or sport stadiums. This position can also be regarded as the concierge or receptionist since they will face the first contact with the customers when they sell tickets for plays, movies, games or dances. For that reason, a box office aide must have outgoing personality, enthusiast and communication skill besides great ability to perform high quality of customer service.

This job is about selling tickets, handling payments and providing answers and information to customers besides also handling administration duties not to mention to keeping work and area organized. It requires multi-abilities to own for example, good skill of communication, fiscal management and marketing skills. Therefore, they do not only perform customer service quality but also can increase the profit of the company by their marketing abilities. High school diploma is the minimum educational background requirement and will be more considerable if the candidate is computer literate. Being familiar with working field for instance about theaters, movies, dance forms etc. will be helpful related to customers’ question explaining about the shows.

Candidates with understanding in modern ticketing systems are more preferred for filling this job. They should have willingness to work during rush hours and must be flexible with scheduling and energetic because of the work duration and service that must be performed that requires effectiveness, efficiency and speed. Typically, box office aide will have these several following duties:

  • Performing full service started from their approach to ticketing counters and what they need
  • Provide seating options and seat availability in the system for the customers.
  • Help customers in selecting good position by performing seating map guidance
  • Verify customer information and input to the system for accuracy checking
  • Print out tickets, check for time, date, seat numbers are accurately shown
  • Give the tickets to customer and ask them to check the information
  • Inform customers regarding their choice or suggest the upcoming shows that can attract them
  • Provide information to customers of special offers on bundle tickets
  • Match the cash amount with sold tickets
  • Take payment and give back any due change for selling tickets transaction
  • Perform fast but satisfying service to prevent long queues and customer impatiens
  • Check the balance between cash register with tickets sold and recheck for any discrepancies
  • Create and manage sold tickets reports and payments amount

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