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Burger Baron opens opportunities for casual basis job related to food handling and sanitation. Hirelings must obey the health and safety protocol during the hiring. The general requirements are able to be team member, has desire to learn and able to take and serve orders. Full time and professional career seekers are need to managerial position. Apply by online now to get the chance and continue with hiring process.

Available Position and Payroll Info at Burger Baron

The applicants are allowed to apply with minimum 14 at age. Foe several locations with local government permission also employs for 12 years old. The available positions for general applicants as can be reviewed below:

Crew Member – basis jobs are available for this position related to cooking, inventory, and cleaning and customer service. The crews should handle serving process with drive-thru system, run cash register, food preparation and serving, check food supplies and clean work areas, beside answer customers’ questions about menus, services and policies. Typically, this job earns $12.00 hourly.

Managerial Staffs – managerial positions require experienced and educated candidates at least diplomas with leadership skill. The managerial levels provides positions of shift leaders, assistant and restaurant managers. Job assortments including recruit and train new hirelings to manage the inventory orders, oversee the casual staffs and responsible toward customer satisfaction. Shift leader generated $12.00 – $13.00 hourly. Assistant manager gains rates between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly and $40,000 for restaurant managers.

Working’s Benefits at Burger Baron

As well with other companies, Burger Baron also provides various tempting benefits during join this company. The chance of career growth and competitive salary are some of various benefits of join Burger Baron. During the employment, complimentary uniforms and store discounts are received. For benefit packages, retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare and life insurance plans. The benefits are different by the franchise policy and locations.

Burger Baron’s Info
Burger Baron started its existence in 1957 located in Lethbridge, AB, Canada with new feature of having drive-thru window service and today, the outlet locations are all over Western Canada. This burger chain is considered as the first Western Canadian burger chain. The menus are typical fast food restaurant but only high-grade supplies are used. The delicious fast food menus are such as burgers, salad, fries and Texas Chicken. To expand the business, the franchise system is taken with company parents are located in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Although, it is a private company, the annual revenue for this chain is millions because it is franchised.

Minimum age to work at Burger Baron: 14

Official Site: www.bonnyvilleburgerbaron.com/

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