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Online Job Application for Burger King Jobs

Burger King Canada opens an opportunity for beginner and professional for part time and full time job position. The position is available for customer service and food preparation department.

Available Position and Salary

Team Member is position that deal with customer directly, like take order, cleaning and other. A friendly person is what they are looking for. For salary, minimum, you can get $10.00 per hour.

Cook position is available with grilling, using fryer and make sandwiches duty. Need person that can work in team and understand the SOP. The salary will be $9.50 to $11.00 per hour.

Assistant Manager Position is for you who have leadership capability, positive attitude and good communication skill. Your job would be managing inventory, operation system and training the staff. The salary would be $24,000 to $35,000 a year.

General Manager will deal with human resource and company management. Your main job is taking care new member, maintaining good relation with customer and other company, and more. The salary would be around $50,000 a year.

What Can You Get?

Burger King offers many great benefits for you. You can get 401(k) retirement plan, insurance, special service, like discount, free training and flexible schedule. For manager position, you also can get health insurance that covers almost everything. Professional will have a chance to get help in school or training fee, as well as living cost. You can use application form to get more information about all of these benefits.

About Burger King Canada

Burger King Canada has many innovative services. For example, there is trial menu that will be tested to the customer. And if it’s successful, it will become the regular menu. Burger King also uses best facility, like 30 feet high building with playgrounds inside.

Burger King Story

James McLamore and David Edgerton started Burger King in 1954. Then, 1963 they executed the international expansion in 1963. Canada becomes one of first place of their expansion destination. 1969 is the year where the first Burger King Canada has been established in Windsor, Ontario and Kingston in 1976. Now, Burger King has 100 stores in more than 7,000 locations around the globe, with the main headquarters in Miami, Florida. With more than ten thousand employee, Burger King becomes the leader in fast food market.


Burger King Canada has vast menu option. From Poutine, Chicken Sandwiches and original BK Veggie with unique cooking method is available here.

Finance Condition

Burger King Corporation (BKW) has average $2.33 billion annual revenues and listed in New York Stock Exchange.

Applicant Minimum Age: 15

Official Site: www.burgerking.ca/en/ca/restaurant-locator/index.html

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