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Have you ever heard about Burger King? Well, some of you should have heard the name. This name represents a brand that has been serving up fries and burgers for about sixty years. Last year, the brand served eleven million people, so the brand is eventually lives with great reputation. We already knew Burger King as a name stands for global chain hamburger restaurant, although the name has not been used for its first appearance in 1953. At that time, the name was “Insta-Burger King”. The company faltered in 1959, and was re-founded after initial restructuration led by David R. Edgerton and James McLamore. After that, the company experience few more restructuration, done 1970s and 1980s. The latter restructuration is known as the most effective one, which changed the entire system of Burger King. Today, the restaurant opens from early morning until late night. You can clearly see that the restaurant serves dinners as well, while a drive-through window was firstly debuted in 1975. Are you interested in establishing career at Burger King? You have to realize that the job is not only about “flipping burgers”. There is more than that. The main thing is about you, who are going to join an American franchise that has made its existence for decades.

If you are serious in making a career in Burger King, you had better know the positions befitting your level. Therefore, it is imperative for you to know the positions available at Burger King. Basically, the available positions are divided into two categories:

• Entry-level positions

These entry-level offers several positions involving drive through window service, cash register operation, food preparation, and customer service. Other duties might be related to maintaining standards of safety and cleanliness. In this level, there is also a position called the shift coordinator. Meanwhile, few other corporate jobs are also available, including areas like supply and logistics, procurement, marketing, internship, information technology, finances, company operations, communications, and business performance. Burger Kind also provides the management training, an opportunity for guys in any entry-level position to climb positive career ladder.

• Management positions

Management careers at Burger Kings are divided into several positions, including restaurant manager and restaurant general manager. At corporate level, there are also positions involving financial management, training and human resources, global business services, financial management, internal auditing, and many more. Those who have any job in managerial levels can enjoy higher payment and salary.

So, how to apply for a job at Burger King? Since there is no job application form available for printed, then the whole recruitment process will be done online. It means you have to submit a job application form through Burger King Website. You need to visit Bkcareers.com and then find the job search, through which you can search any job available at Burger King. By clicking on “job search”, you can find more information about the available positions in both “in-restaurant opportunities” and “corporate field opportunities”. After clicking one of the categories, you need to complete the pre-qualifying form and then submit it online.

Click here to apply online Burger King official careers.

Print Out Burger King Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Burger King Job Application Form in PDF


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