Business Analyst Resume Template

If you are interested in applying as a business analyst, of course you need to write your best resume. Before looking for any business analyst resume template, first you need to know how to write a cover letter to begin your resume. Remember, the first impression is very important. This following cover letter can be a guideline for you;

Marshal Erikson
125 Amsterdam Street
Big Town, USA 252525
Home: (222)037-3737
Cell: 045-888-1919

March 2, 2015

Mr. Johnson Grey
Hiring Manager
Steven & Lido Business Consultants
789 Far Highway
Big Town, USA 252526

Dear Mr. Grey

I have been in my search for a new job and I found your post for an assistant business manager need at I a seven-year experienced business analyst who is in search for this field. I have secretarial and administrative assistance work experience, and I have experience of dealing business and law consultation.

Now I am confident and ready in presenting myself for your consideration. I would love to would love to fit the company standard and work hard to enhance the company persona and to boost the sales target.

I would be happy if you are willing to meet me in person to discuss you company target in the next twelve months and to propose what I can help you to achieve the target. I believe I could be a suitable business analyst assistance for your company.

I would like to accommodate your schedule. And you can call me anytime at 045-888-1919 to schedule an interview. I appreciate your considering my cover letter and resume. I will be waiting for your confirmation if you could meet me in person.


Marshal Erikson

After finishing your cover letter, you have to move to search a business analyst resume template. Basically the template of business analyst resume is similar to other resume, but in some detail your business analyst resume needs to emphasize your qualities, especially your experience. You can take a look at the following example;

Marshal Erikson
125 Amsterdam Street
Big Town, USA 252525
Home: (222)037-3737
Cell: 045-888-1919

Business analyst with seven years of experience helping small and large companies to analyze and evaluate their business practices, especially when they deal with laws, so the executives of the company can improve their daily operations and build success.

North Business Analyst, Inc. (2007 – 2014)

  • Served a bridge between the business problem and the law solutions for over a dozen companies in north area of United States
  • Proposed and applied plans and practices that improved financial security status.
  • Trained in-house administrative executives to observe, learn, and supervise new techniques of financial and law solutions.
  • Maintained the companies system to keep the financial secure and strong employees.

University of Big Town, USA (2006)

Regional Business and Trading Institute: 2010 Business Strategy Award

North Business Analyst, Inc.: Customer Satisfaction Honor (2011)

You can use this kind of template for your business analyst resume. All you need to do is to replace the detail information with yours. If you mention some certificated work or skilled, it would be better for you to attach the copy of the certificates. The company target may be interested in looking forward to your certificates, besides the copy will prove that you really are qualified.

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