Buying Coordinator Job Description Sample

Job or positions as purchasing coordinators have responsibility to handle any purchasing duties for the companies that hire them. Basically they must perform any duties such as identifying what company’s necessity to buy, preparing proposal request and managing purchasing activities by selecting and contacting vendors. Depending on the business segments of the company, they likely make purchase for reselling aims. Sometimes, they also in charge of gauging the necessity of buying stock, tracking the inventory and analyze what and how much is necessary to meet the optimum stock levels as required by the company. Shortly, buying coordinators will be in charge of any purchasing activities that meet the purposes of the company.


The candidates who want to fill this position must have several comprehensive skills especially in communication and negotiation. These skills are essential because they will constantly in contact with the third parties such as representatives, vendors and suppliers. Educational background related to this occupation may require, at minimum high school diploma or bachelor degree as what it required by the employers or hiring manager. Other skills that are also important are ability of strong analysis and well decision making. Besides that, to add more value is purchase handling related to documentation.

Buying Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Thoroughly check stock inventories and determine what company’s buying necessities
  • Make buying plans by selective in choosing suppliers or vendors
  • Contact agent of purchasing to inquire about supplies and tool
  • Ask information about prices of necessary items and negotiate for best possible deal
  • Maintain and manage the company budget when purchasing items
  • Place orders in a timely manner and ask for deadline of delivery
  • Discuss delivery deadlines so that they fit to timeline of company supply
  • Place rush orders for use up items and do anything to prevent the loos for the company
  • Do the follow up on placed orders to ensure on time delivery
  • Ask for information about order status and ask for being informed for updates
  • Understand the items prices and inform the accounting department regularly in the purpose of cash flowing arrangement
  • Crosscheck between invoices and the actual item to ensure the accuracy for the quality as well quantity
  • Prevent the damage or unqualified products from being sold and inform a complaint to the suppliers
  • Publish checks to selling parties after checking the accuracy
  • Communicate with staffs to define their stock necessities
  • Create regular reports to about purchase and stock

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