Can you tell a story?

Again this trick question. Questions like this are done to test and analysis the person’s level f sensitivity to a question. Therefore, your first response to this question is not by answering but by questioning back your job interviewer, for example: “what kind of story you want to hear?” By turning back this question then you have just managed to get out of your job interviewer trap.

Please take a note: the job interview event is a dialogue event between the company/institution with the candidate employees and it is not interrogation event. Because of that, not all questions must be responded with an answer. In some moment, it should respond with a question behind the question.

Usually the interviewer will answer your turning back question with two alternatives:

1. You are requested to tell your life story;
2. You are required to tell your career or job.

If it concerns personal life, tell a story that shows that you admire someone (could the opposite gender) who has the superior characteristic of employee, such as: discipline, commitment holds, have integrity, and loyalty as well as the characteristics of someone who deserve to be a role model of employee. Otherwise, if the interviewer wants you to tell your work life, tell a story that shows spirit, achievement, capacity, and competence.

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