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Captain D’s is one of the most prominent seafood chains all across the United States of America. Captain D’s has seafood meals in fast food style which are sold at very competitive prices. There are over 500 locations of Captain D’s all across the nation scattered in 25 states. The restaurant is focused in the Midwest and American South. The plenty customers of the restaurant and the steady demand for their foods make captain D’s always looks for job seekers to join in their team. Below is more information about working at Captain D’s.

1. Working at Captain D’s Facts

To be able to work at Captain D’s, you have to be at least 16 years old. There are many available positions at Captain D’s and it starts from Cashier Crew Member, Cook Team Member, Assistant Manager, Area Brand Operator, Restaurant Manager to General Manager. As for the restaurant’s hours of operation, it starts from Sunday to Thursday at 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM and Friday to Sunday at 10.30 AM to 11.00 PM. If you want to work here you can check the interview tips and take the printable application in the website.

2. Captain D’s Job Opportunities

The jobs at Captain D’s typically can be taken in part-time hours but of course full-time positions are more available. They are all applied for entry-level crew member jobs and also the professional jobs in management. Captain D’s is not like any other fast food restaurants. In Captain D’s you can get relaxed dining environments which are suitable for families and also individual guests. That is why the employees must be able to create friendly atmospheres for the customers. If you want to apply, you can get to the closest Captain D’s and pick up the application form. You can also download the application forms online to start the hiring process.

3. Captain D’s Pay Scales

Working at Captain D’s can give you reasonable salary. Here are several examples: For guest specialists with the main duties of serving food, operating cash registers, maintaining clean kitchen, and maintaining dining room areas, they will make averagely $10.00 per hour. As for the higher managerial position such as a general manager, a general manager yearly salary is approximately ranges from $30,000 to $45,000.

4. Working at Captain D’s Benefit

Beside of the competitive pay, Captain D’s has many more job benefits such as flexible work schedules, paid training, free meals, complimentary uniform, medical insurance, and life insurance policies.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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