Career Change Resume Sample

Chance is not coming every time. When it comes, it must be reached soon. Career is also the same. Chance for getting the dream career is not always there. But the challenge in getting a new career is not just about how to find it. You also need to know how to take it. If you are looking to change your career, this is important to know what you really want and what you can do. Write it all on the resume and make it with the right style.

Writing change career resume in the right style is not just improving the opportunity. It helps you to get away from the classic trap and get hired faster. If there are 95% of job seekers make the wrong resume style, writing it in the right style will reverse the high failure into the high success rate.

What do you expect for the new career? Course there will always be a reason for this. But there is one thing to note, the new career should not be cross sector. If that so, make sure the new career is not too different with the previous one. There must be some similarities on the new career and the precious career. Tie both of them and tell it to the hiring manager as well. If you can do it, you will get the better chance to get the new career. Below, there is a helpful guide to write a career change resume.

Gill Good
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Peachtree, GA 999
Home: (323) 323-3233
Cell: (323) 321-5432

Professional Summary

In here, you have to write your experience and your last profession. Tell your skill and what you can give to the new company. Tie those skills and experience with the new career and make all of them look useful for this.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

Write down the last job fully with the detail description. You also need to write what you always do on the previous job as well as the achievements. Make it looks unique and valuable for the company.

Education and Development

Write the previous education here. Make it short and clear enough.


If you ever got an award, do not forget to write it in this section. These achievements will make you more valuable to hire. It makes you looks better than the other job seekers as well. In writing career recognition, just focusing it on the new career. If it looks useful and relates to the new career, just write it.

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