Caregiver Sample Resume

Regardless of humanitarian or not, a profession as caregiver is one of ideal career that offers two benefits, income and valuable service for the society. Caregiver is very demanded and needed by people who are in need especially those who require short term care after hospitalized or seniors that usually need home long term care as they struggle to keep living independently.

ALERT: the job search will end when the applicant bring wrong format of resume. For job seeker, doing this mistake means you have to say goodbye for this position.

Below are available three styles of resume. Which one will you choose to make great chance to be considered by the employer?

A. Resume with Chronological style

B. Resume with Functional style

C. Resume with Active style

As a hint, almost all job seekers, especially inexperienced applicants use wrong choice in resume style. To bottom lined, the style of resume plays important role in order to make bigger chance to get hired and at the same time can eliminate other candidates that maybe are more experienced.

This profession needs familiarity and capability dealing with taking care of others. Sometimes accreditation is the plus value of being noticed. If you are still unaccredited, search for accreditation from a caregiver agency with reputation so the hiring party will understand your qualification and get slight image about your performance related to this service.

Helen Polk
768 Perry Avn
Plainfield, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


A credible caregiver with accreditation, have caring experience for five years for seniors or individuals who need care in their homes or part-time care after a hospital stay. Currently, expect new position in Northern area of California.


EverReady Caregivers, Inc. from 2008 to 2013

  • Helped the clients for self-cleaning such bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Helped driving clients regarding medical appointments or shopping necessity
  • Helped housekeeping job such as laundry
  • Provided daily necessity activity including cooking meals, grocery shopping and accompanying the clients


High School of Any City, United States of America in 2006

EverReady Caregivers: Accredited as caregiver in 2007


Caregivers of USA: Exemplary Caregiver of the Month awarded in 2010

Today, the job seekers crowd results the tight rivalry among job applicants. Being noticeable is essential step and resume is where to start. Well written resume is more noticeable and lead to possibility of getting the job even when there are many higher experienced applicants out there.

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