Cashier Resume Sample

Cashier is one of dependable career in which income will be able to cover living cost adequately as well have public interaction. Nonetheless, as a cashier some requirements must be fulfilled by the candidates especially related to the individual character such as focus, clear and pay attention to detail. Targeting the organization that advertises the job, make sure that the applicant has skills and experience that fit to the advertisement.

ALERT: What can end the search of cashier job career? The answer is wrong usage of resume style.

From these following resume styles, guess which one will get you hired as cashier quickly.

  1. Chronological

  2. Functional

  3. Active

ADVICE: Avoid same mistakes as 95% other job seekers that choose incorrect style of resume

If you choose the right resume style, you will get better opportunity to be noticed and possibly hired than anyone else. You are likely to be hired over the more experienced applicants.

Mentioning any ways you give contribution to the whole business success, since the employers are always glad to find potential and superior employees committee the companies they had career before and if they have willingness to contribute as well as in the new firm.

Ginny W.

8765 Hillside Avn

Bensonville, California 999xx

Home: (33x) 333-33xx

Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Having experience as cashier for national chain business of cafeteria. Excellent skills in customer service. Agile in handling cashier in rush hour such as busy hours of mealtime. quick skill in math and able to sit or stand behind the counter for long duration besides can perform effective work for handling transactions related to cash with POS machines or using credit card. strive to new position in cashiering in the area of Bensoville.


Cafeteria Chain of Good Food from 2009 to 2013

– Helper cashier promoted to head cashier

– Gave training for new staffs handling POS Machines

– Applied more quicker service lines for small transactions

– Increased profit for the firm due to quick handling and cordial cashiers


Any City, Schoolf of Business, USA in 2006


Women Figures in Business of America: Cashier of the Year in 2011

Good Food Cafeteria: Customer Service Award in 2012

Currently, competition among job seekers becomes too tight. Accordingly, it is essential to know how to stand out among others in order the employer will notice your application rather than others.

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