Chick-fil-A Job Application Form

logo-chick-fil-aApply job at chain business is something that many people do because chain businesses commonly open many job opportunities in various locations so you can get job near you. Chick-fil-A is one chain business that promising you many job opportunities every year. The chain business is an American fast food restaurant chain with chicken sandwiches as the specialty. Total count of restaurants in the chain is more than 1600 all across US and they plan to expand the business to international world. Printable application form in not available but you can find Chick-fil-A Job Application Form for online application on the official website.

Chick-fil-A is well known as clean, moral, and upstanding restaurant so they require workers who can maintain the reputation. Positions available at the chain business are mostly entry-level job but positions in managerial are also available. Depend on the location, part-time and full time jobs are available. You can choose among Team Member, Kitchen Preparation Person, Cook, Kitchen Staff Member, Cashier, Delivery Driver, Catering Attendant, Customer Service Team Member, Food Service Event Staff, Dining Room Host, Warehouse Receiving Specialist, Customer Service Specialist, Maintenance Technician, Marketing Assistant, and Administrative Assistant, whichever you like and you have the skills. One interesting job in the restaurant is to become Cow Mascot. For managerial positions, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Day Manager, and General Manager are available.

Responsibility of the workers are different, depend on position. Team member could take position in service counter or drive-thru window. The job description is including greeting customers, taking customer’s order, preparing food, cleaning, and more tasks. Cashier would responsible for the cash register. Scheduling, monitoring, organizing training, and hiring worker are responsibility of the managers.

The responsibility would influence the salary of the worker since higher responsibility is connected to higher payment. Entry-level worker with low responsibility will get minimum wage while managers will get nice salary up to $40,000. Previous experience and location of the store may influence the salary as well. Besides salary, Chick-fil-A offers more benefits to the employee including flexible scheduling and paid job training for entry-level worker. For eligible workers, Chick-fil-A offers health and wellness benefits, future planning benefits, company cars, free trips, and tuition assistance. However, the benefits would be different for different location.
Online job application is now very common so you should not go to the store to apply the job you interest. However, for interview as one important phase in the employment, you likely need to go to the restaurant or the office to meet the interviewer. For interview, do not forget to learn more about the company and the business as important knowledge to have.

If you interest to work at Chick-fil-A, you need to know several things. First, you need to know the minimum age of the worker is 16 years old so you need to reach the age first before applying job. You can expect a free-life every Sunday since Chick-fil-A is closed every Sunday. The owner’s belief in Evangelical Christian is heavily influenced the culture of the company so prepare yourself about it. Even more, you need to know owner’s opposition to same-sex-marriage.

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Print Out Chick-fil-A Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Chick-fil-A Job Application Form in PDF


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