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Few things to remember in making resume and CV of civil engineer

When you want to make civil engineer resume CV technical office, you should focus on some important things. Because civil engineer is responsible to the planning and implementation construction projects of bridge, dam, or any others, civil engineer resume needs to be focused on the skills related to the mathematical and project management. In making technical resume, you are better to mention particular skills or knowledge. The resume is also made as chronological resume and it must include your summary of skill. The summary is better written at the beginning of your resume. You can mention some other explanation in your resume as your experience that you think it is important to get the position offered. Your qualifications, courses, seminars, or training you have attended can also be included in your resume. It is very important to avoid using jargon or technical language when you are writing your resume to avoid misunderstanding of the employer or recruiter reading your resume. To make the reader easier in finding the specific detail, you can make your resume with sub-headings.

Make your resume and CV chronological

It is important to make your resume and CV chronological as possible. You can start by writing your personal details followed by summary of career objective, education, personal skills, summary of skills, history of work, and referees. In writing history of work or employment history, you need to be specific. Add your responsibilities of your previous position as details as possible. However, you also need to see what the employer wants. Ensure that you mention your achievements and your skills. If you have any additional skills which are important in supporting your future career, you can mention it but just in brief.

Resume and CV play important role in job application. Besides your application letter, the recruiter and employer will see your competencies through resume or CV enclosed with your cover letter. It requires you to make your resume or CV as good as possible. Make your resume or CV as the media in marketing yourself. You should ‘sell’ your abilities, skills, experience, and qualifications to the employer.

It is also important for you to check references. There are normally two referees on a good resume or CV. The first referee is academic as your tutor or your project supervisor, and another is from your employer. When you are writing your resume or CV of civil engineering, ensure that you explain your experience, skills, and abilities related to the field in details.

Some mistakes in writing resume and CV for civil engineer

There are some common mistakes made by the applicants in writing resume and CV. The spelling and grammar mistakes are commonly found by more than fifty percent employers. The applicants sometimes make too long or poor work history. The poor format is sometimes found in resume or CV. It is also important to check your email and contact number because some of the applicants are having problems with personal contact.

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