College Clerk Job Description Sample

In the college office, there are various kinds of duties associated with administration which should be done by college clerks. The job can be as simple as copying the documents to supporting the function of the college environment. The college clerk must provide the information which cannot be shared by the receptionist so college clerks will need great skill of communication. Handling the schedules of the staff and also making appointment becomes another important job of college clerk. Multitask ability is really important for college clerk of course because there are various kinds of tasks which should be done in one go. It is crucial for keeping the strict confidentiality because everything should be performed correctly.

As college clerk, there are some job descriptions which can be found. College clerks have to answer the phone call. They also have to give information as well as take and also relay the messages. The incoming mail should be sorted as well as delivered by college clerk as well so they are able to ensure that the right letter or document is sent to the right recipient. They also have to make the appointment schedule for the staff in the office. They must not forget to give the reminders as well as follow ups. If there are inquiries whether written or verbal from the students, they have to respond it properly according to the procedure including the result and test of admission. The correspondence including memo, report, as well as letter should be typed and formatted by the college clerk as well. There are some office equipment which should be used including printers and photocopiers associated with document preparation. The records associated with information of staff and student whether in paper or electronic format should be maintained by the college clerk as well.

They also have to make sure that there is confidential information about the staff and also student. If there is college trips for staff or student, college clerk should also prepare the travel voucher. Data entry job should be performed. College clerk also has the job for maintaining the office supplies and coordinating with the vendors or suppliers when the supplies are running out. Meeting agenda should be prepared by college clerks and they also have to make the meeting record. Office equipment maintenance and repair should be prepared as well. College clerks also have to help the accounts managers about financial documents preparation and help students for admission form fulfillment.

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