Commercial Pilot Cover Letter Sample

Sometimes to make a commercial pilot cover letter is a bit confusing. One mistake can result in fatal thing such as cannot get the chance of interview calling. It will be so much better if you give kind of memorable opening line and not the clearly unclear pleasantries.

You also have to consider some other things such as do not show the experience that is not in accordance with the job vacancy. For example, maybe you are a reliable driver who can drive a car safely with the blind eyes though. But that skills and experience are not counted on the profession of a commercial pilot.

And one more thing you must remember, do not ever give any negative comment or statement about your staff both the current staff and previous staff. Any companies will not hire a candidate who has bad attitude even at commercial pilot cover letter.

Commercial pilot cover letter sample

Joanna Alexandra

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March 2, 2015
Mr. Derek Grey
HR Manager, Sky Airlines
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Dear Mr. Grey:

I would like to thanks to the 5+ years of experience I have in pilot position with Algae Airline because it helped me to develop the skills as a great pilot. I am very good in general stuff that is required to be a commercial pilot and fully understand anything about safety issues that become principal due to the airlines need something work on it.

I am specifically quite qualified for the commercial pilot position because:

  • I am certified for Commercial Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).
  • Have a great ability to understand the navigation stuff, good at altitude calculation, and skillful in routing.
  • Highly skilled at smooth landing for both single engine and multi engine.
  • Able to adapt to the turbo jet wings and fixed wing crafts.
  • Recorded to work and have a good relationship with staff or crew in accordance with the guidelines and the FAA.

With this letter, I want to meet you to show how this position can count on my name. I will call you next week to ensure your interest in my offer and adjust your schedule so that the time and place to meet can be determined at once. In case you want to call me immediately, you can get me at (your phone number)

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