Commercial Pilot Resume Example

Commercial pilot position can be regarded as one of a bit difficult position because of course it requires great skills that have been proven. Then from the great experience and hard working hours are two of the many things that must be owned by the job applicants. In addition, the written resume should convince because the task of a pilot is not only to run the plane. There would be a lot of things the pilot need to do. The great commercial pilot resume and promising experience will help you to get the chance of a call for interview before you become a commercial pilot.

Before you write a commercial pilot resume, it would be better if you divide your work experience and skills into several categories. Make sure that the category will help you to demonstrate the competence and commitment. In addition, the resume reader will know exactly what you want to convey on your resume. Avoid the scattered information on a resume because it will not help you at all.

Commercial pilot resume example

(Write your name)

Address | City and postal code | phone number | email

For the first bar you can write down your name and followed by a brief personal data such as address, zip code and a contact person which can be contacted.

Commercial Pilot

It will be the space for you to write down about you commercial certificate and offer such as competences related to commercial pilot stuff.

Additional Strength

In this line, show your credibility as a commercial pilot in outline. As a pilot of course, you have any certificate with a particular class until you finally qualify as a commercial pilot with the great flight hours and the professional carriers. Offer you competence as a pilot who can adapt to the climate of competition. Then if you have additional certificates relating to skills that affect your ability as a pilot, you can include it as well.

Professional Experience

In this bar, you can write all about the professional experiences as a pilot along the length of your work as a professional there. After that you can write down the total flight hours that you have been stand for and the details as a pilot in command, pilot in second command or a co-pilot, as well as the manager of aircraft engines. Do not forget to write down in the commercial pilot resume the things that you always do before, when you run a plane, and after landing, such as running the flight schedule safely, effectively and efficiently.

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