Community Manager Cover Letter Sample

Now, you want to apply to a company as a community manager. You think that you meet all the requirements and you are ready for it but you do not know how to make a cover letter for your application. A cover letter seems unimportant and easy to create, but actually it is an important thing in your application and it needs some tricks to make it well so that it can attract the recruiters.

Being attracted by recruiters is a hope of applicants. If they are successful in attracting the recruiters by your CV, good resume and also convincing cover letter, then you will have a chance to be interviewed by the recruiters. Well, when you make a cover letter, it is the opportunity for you to reinforce the experience, skills and education listed on your resume.

Cover letter is a first point of contact between you and your future employer. So, it is important for you to make a strong impression when you write it. In your cover letter, you are able to add anecdotes and details that you did not have room to include, but it must show clearly how well qualified you are for the job that you apply. You need to use highlights from your work experience that match the qualifications the employer has  mentioned in the job position to showcase your most relevant skills.

A cover letter is also your chance to express your enthusiasm for the position and mention reasons you think you would be a good fit. You also have to remember who you are writing to, address them directly if possible and offer your interest in meeting them personally. The more specific you are able to get about your personal experience and passion, the better. It can be helpful if you review an example of a cover letter for community manager to help you in formulating your own letter.  

Before you write a cover letter, you have to make sure that you know how to write. There are some tips and instructions of creating cover letter for community manager position.

  • Never starting the letter with an informal greetings such as “Hi”. If you use this, it means that you have no idea about who the hiring manager is and how you have to address him/ her. So, it is important to research first about the organization that you intend to apply. If you are not sure about whom to address, you can write “Dear Hiring Manager”.
  • Then, you have to be able to get the attention of the recruiter at first. You can talk about who you are as a candidate and why you think that you are qualified.
  • Write short sentences. It is because hiring manager does not have much time to read complicated sentences and stories.
  • Make your cover letter look more professional and insert information that will be able to help you as a candidate.
  • At the end, proofread your letter and then check for grammar issues, typos and misspelled words.

You are able to apply those tips now in your cover letter. Make sure that your cover letter is attractive so that you are able to have a chance to be interviewed by the recruiter. 

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