Community Manager Interview

The community manager has the responsibility to manage the online voice of the organization and for aligning all company communications, PR, social media, and marketing content in order to create the strong brand identity.

Every strong candidate will be tech savvy and have experience with the variety of social media platforms. You have to be careful of the candidates who struggle to express themselves or experience difficulty with the time management tasks.

A thing called interview is such the unnatural experience. You will have to flex your skills at the small talk. Aside from that, you will also have to openly explain your weakness to the strangers. You may not be confident to talk about what questions that will be asked to you. Therefore, here is the comprehensive guide to arm you with what you need to succeed.

The first common interview question for the community manager is the first steps in building the online community. This one will test the knowledge of the candidate of creating and fostering the online community. The second one is the online communities you belong to. It will reveal more about the personality of the candidate, frame of reference, and what inspires them. the third one is some of the main differences between the content created for print versus web.

This one will test the knowledge of the candidate of creating or adjusting content for different platforms. The fourth one is to describe the time when you made suggestions for growing the community of the brand. This one will test the ability of the candidate to identify the opportunities and reveal  more about prior experience. The fifth one is how would you handle the difficulty community member that constantly initiates arguments with the other members. The candidate will demonstrate the ability to resolve the conflict and set rules for the community engagement.   

Before the interview, here is what you need to do before you speak to the hiring manager. First, research, research, and research. You can read up on the company, its culture, and the recent media coverage. You have to be able to have the informed conversation with the hiring manager about the place you want to work. If it is possible for you, you can find out the name of the people you will be interviewing with and scope them out on the social media. By doing this one, you will be bale to get the sense of what is important to them and appeal to the interests during the conversation. Second, join the community. Third, memorize the numbers. It is better for you to understand the process, the problem, the goals, and the opportunities of the company. Fourth, brush up your online presence. There is a chance for the hiring manager to look for you when considering you for this position. Therefore, please make sure your social media accounts are consistent with your as the person and that they look alive and fresh. Fifth, practice the thing called basic interview etiquette. 

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